Final Blog of the Year

1. What did you learn from this class? Try and focus on the online aspect.

What I learned from this class was that taking this class requires a lot of self responsibilities that are essential for this online english. You (Mr. Theriault)and I have noticed that I got very behind in this class and it just shows how irresponsible I am. But I have learned how hard this class really is because of the laziness put into this class. I really love the online idea of the class however, there are some cons to it. You barely see your teacher which can be very difficult because how would you get quick replies on questions you may have on a homework or just anything in general. But some pros would be like, you have a lot of free time and its less work than a normal english class.

2. Why should a student take an online class in HS?

Highschool can be a very busy time for many many students. An online class really helps you clear up some time and have some free time instead of being in a classroom for an hour, you can be at home doing your english homework which is a huge benefit.

3. What did you enjoy the most about this experience?

What I enjoyed most about this experience was just the vibe of the class and how great of a teacher Mr. Theriault really is. I really loved his style of teaching and the vibe he gives to the class everytime we meet up. I also loved how flexible the grading for the class is because if I did the same in a regular english, then I would be failing forsure.

4. What do you want to do more of in an online class?

I wouldn’t really change anything because how everything is right now it just perfect.

5. What advice would you give to future online teachers?

I would say like they should start a live stream thing where you can ask the teachers online live questions so they can answer super fast, that would be very very helpful.

6. Why are some students more successful in an online class?

It’s less pressure for them. An online class puts less pressure on you and it really helps you focus more on passing the class other than regular english or AP’s they are such a buttload of work which can be very stressful.

7. Is an online class less stressful? Why?

basically what i said in number 6.

8. What would you say to teachers that say that online classes don’t help you develop your social skills?

I would say that they are partly not wrong but at the same time, it really does help because you are more open to the people in your class online. Like all the flipgrids we do, it really helps you get out of your comfort zone and you can start “vlogging”

9. How would you feel about taking 2 or 3 online classes?

I wouldn’t really complain too much about it because that’s really what college is right now, but at the same time i rather not in highschool because highschool is all fun and games and i rather spend time with friends instead of being at home behind a computer screen.

10. What else?

Thank you Mr. Theriault for such an amazing year and amazing teacher, even though we meet once a week, you make that one day something special and it really brings my vibe up. I personally think you are the best teacher I had so far out of my three years being a Baron. yet again thank you 🙂



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